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Who We Are

Bitsoft, your IT partner that connects your business with consultants & technology!

We as 'Bitsoft consultancy' continuously invest in our consultants to keep the continuity of your business operational. We believe it is important to build long-term relationships with our clients & partners.
We can also provide customized software and hardware solutions for your business.

What makes us different?
We have a technical background with years of experience, which allows us to notice and tackle your problems immediately.
As Bitsoft, we are passionate about your project & future. We are dedicated to providing excellent service with exceptional consultation that is customized to meet your needs.

Our Values

The 3 keys we stand for

Integrity & Collaboration

We are consistent, honest and always do what is right. We try to cooperate with our partners and consultants in the best and most effective way possible.

Discipline & Respect

Since we work with the most interesting technologies, we are always disciplined to provide the best possible service.
We respect every opinion and idea of our partners/consultants.


We try to achieve the goals we envision together with our partners/clients in an effective manner. We are also committed to the growth and knowledge of our consultants. After a service we always do a retrospective about the quality and cooperation.


Our solutions


Your organization will receive a screening based on a Maturity Assessment.
We look at where you are in the digitization of your business processes.
Based on this, we draw up a plan of action together. You will receive concrete advice on which services and technologies support your business most efficiently.

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If necessary, we can provide you with extra manpower for a short or large IT project to help your development department adapt existing applications or IT infrastructure.
Our consultants who combines business insight with software and IT infrastructure, resulting in maximum added value for your company.

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We may help your development team modify existing programs or create brand-new, customized software packages by lending you extra manpower if needed for a significant IT project.
Organization expertise and technical expertise are combined by qualified software/hardware consultants from Bitsoft to maximize added value for your business.

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You must be able to depend on an IT infrastructure that is secure and well-functioning after implementation.
You are guaranteed ongoing, high-level support through Bitsoft.
You may keep your attention on your business by outsourcing support.
Our IT specialists are available for remote work or inside engagement on a short- or long-term basis.

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Recruitment & Selection

Do you want to develop your own idea and need more manpower or colleagues?
Through our years of experience in consultancy & soft- hardware sector, we can perfectly find experts who can take your company to the next level.
In consultation with our client/partner we look for suitable candidates who can join the company as freelancer or permanent employee.

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We are also open to collaborate with different partners/companies to build beautiful digital bridges. Don't hesitate to give your idea a colorful shape together with us!

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Our collaboration procedures in a nutshell

Working together as consultant

  1. CV & Introduction Interview
  2. Technical Interview
  3. Selection & contract proposal
  4. Welcome on board!

Working together as client/partner

  1. Introduction meeting
  2. Requirements & business meetings
  3. Offering/solution meeting
  4. Let's work together!

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) In 'Agile' way

1. Planning & Requirements Gathering

You must obtain as much information as you can on the project you will manage. Gathering requirements is a fundamental process that will determine how the final product will appear and function.

2. Product & Performance Analysis

Performance analysis of the product or program for various purposes is the following stage. Developers can now discover problems and make the necessary changes for the SDLC's subsequent stages.

3. Designing Software Foundation

You can advance to the following stage of the SDLC after you receive the SRS. The third stage is the one where the software architecture is discussed. It will be simpler for you to suggest several design approaches to the customer by enumerating them in a DDS, or Design Document Specification, now that you are aware of all the technical requirements.

4. Software Implementation

Implementation is the next step in the procedure. The SDLC's longest phase, software implementation is the procedure for creating, testing, and integrating the code. The core of scrum and agile software development approaches are sprints, and doing them correctly will help your agile team deliver better product with fewer headaches.

5. Software Testing

Program testing is used to check for defects and errors in the software, as the stage's name suggests. This is a crucial phase of the SDLC since it focuses on eliminating extraneous code, flaws, and errors

6. Deployment & Maintenance

Software deployment is the final phase of this life cycle of software development. The software is being readied for market release at this time. The client is asked to evaluate the product and recommend adjustments as needed in order to increase the deployment's efficiency.

Technologies / frameworks

Some of used technologies.

Working in our awesome team


Are you a real team player with a passion for IT? Join Bitsoft as an independent or internal employee and give yourself the chance to grow into an expert!

Send us a CV and motivation to jobs@bitsoft.be


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